Form Force can assist with the application of various types of scaffolding types to suit all your needs.


Birdcage scaffolding is typically used in buildings where access is required at high levels, for example ceilings. The birdcage is an independent scaffold, and consists of more than two rows of standards in both directions connected by ledger beams at every lift height.


Circular scaffolding is used when work is being done on circular tanks or buildings, and curved scaffolding solutions are needed to work properly.


 Façade scaffolding is made of tubular frames that, when joined together, create working platforms that are adaptable to any façade geometry. Façade scaffolding is composed of a few components that are fast, easy and safe to assemble.


Tower scaffolding is a platform that allows workers to work on heights and protects them from falling. This platform is dismantled after use. It is a highly useful alternative to ladders when there’s a lot of work to be done at height, and is also much safer.


As experts in scaffolding solutions, Form Force can also create custom scaffolding structures to suit your needs and your project.